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Why Are Sports Sites Striking Out In Web Performance?

June 7, 2016 — by Matt Young0


It’s hard to beat the excitement that comes with attending a major sporting event – there’s a lot going on, with loud music and commentary, bright lights and Jumbotrons, and thousands of people milling about in search of merchandise, concessions, or restrooms.

Unfortunately, as part of the research for our web performance report, Multi-Industry Web Performance 2016 State of the Union – Desktop Edition, we found that overall aesthetic seems to also apply to how sports websites are built, with disastrous results to their page speed and the resultant Time to Interact, where key content is rendered and accessible to users. While 65% of sports fans prefer a desktop or laptop computer to get their sports fix, according to a Sporting News Media study, the trends that emerged while testing for this category showed few sites scoring well.

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In An Era Of Decline, News Sites Can’t Afford Poor Web Performance

April 26, 2016 — by Matt Young1


For all industries, web performance is an essential part of the online equation, and if there’s an industry that’s been disrupted by the web as greatly as the retail sector, it has to be news and media, making every aspect of the online experience even more important.

At the turn of this century, one of the key terms and concepts in university news and media courses was “media convergence” – that is, all things media coming together via the internet and web-enabled devices to an exploding user base.