Understanding the Real Cost of a Cyber-Attack and Building a Cyber-Resilient Business

November 21, 2017 — by Ben Zilberman0


Cyber-attacks are like parasites: they are not always visible, not always felt, but with plenty of potential to affect your operational efficiencies, service level agreements, and computing resources. All of those impacts bring potentially high costs. The first step to understanding and managing the cost of cyber-attacks is to do everything you can to understand the potential impact and build an effective incident response team so you can rein in these “parasites” and limit damage to your business.

Attack Types & VectorsDDoSSecuritySSL

Here are the specific ways the 2016 Republican National Convention (RNC) and Democratic National Convention (DNC) will be Cyber-Attacked

June 2, 2016 — by Carl Herberger1


Major Attack Type: Denial of Service Attacks

Denial of Service (DoS) attacks have grown each and every year since 2010. Moreover, the lessons of what are the most successful attacks and the reduction of cost and skill needed to execute these attacks have both dramatically been reduced. Today, for $6 one can rent an Amazon Web Service-based “Booter” to attack any foe at a moment’s notice. In fact, one can enlist the support of hundreds or thousands of infected ‘bots’ including the Internet of Things (IoT) when theoretically almost anything internet-connected can be directed.

Attack Types & VectorsDDoSSecuritySSL

Ransomware Takes Center Stage As A Major Corporate Cyber Security Risk

April 14, 2016 — by Ben Zilberman0


It’s 9:30am.  You’ve gotten your morning coffee, checked your email, and now you are surfing the web when all of a sudden everything freezes.  A message pops up on your screen saying:

“You have been caught accessing inappropriate content and your device will remain locked unless you pay $$$$$”

Ransomware is fast becoming the leading cyber concern for businesses in 2016. We are seeing new ransom tactics used daily to target companies from various industries and individuals worldwide. The potential harm is devastating.


Is Your Organization In the Ring of Fire?

March 17, 2016 — by Shira Sagiv0


Schools are getting more sophisticated; there is no doubt about it. My kids recently had an "emergency study exercise" in grade-school where they needed to log in to the school system from home and participate in an online classroom, listen to a session and answer some questions.  The idea was to see if the school was prepared for emergency situations, where the kids couldn’t attend school for some reason, but they could continue studying remotely.  I thought that was pretty cool. 

I also learned recently about a high school in our area where all the classroom activity is conducted online.  The students have no books, no notebooks – only their laptop.