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Themes, Conversations and Takeaways from 2016 RSA

March 10, 2016 — by Ben Desjardins0


The hackers are winning.

Or said more accurately, strong security is losing . . . sometimes to itself.  

That seemed to be a general undertone of last weeks’ RSA Conference. No one actually came out and said it in those words, but there is an undeniable degree of humility to many of the messages passing through the halls of the Mascone Center this year.


My Thoughts on RSA 2014: Bigger and More Expensive Means Better?

March 11, 2014 — by Carl Herberger0

My hat’s off to the organizers of RSA 2014 which is held every year in San Francisco’s Moscone Center, as they achieved an unbelievable event this year.   The show was not only incredibly well attended, (rumored to be over 25,000 attendees) with a record breaking year of attendance from the vendor community that required two enormous exhibition halls, but it was well organized.   All-in-all, I believe that if one couldn’t get from the RSA Show what they wanted, then the problem probably laid more with the seeker than the organizers of this show!

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RSA 2012: Learn about the Latest Security Myths

February 23, 2012 — by Carl Herberger1

Visit Radware at booth #856.

If you’re headed to RSA 2012 in San Francisco, we hope you will stop by to meet the Radware team at booth #856 and learn about the latest leading attack mitigation techniques. Safeguarding businesses today against the constant barrage of hacktivism involves not only the right solutions, but also expert services and access to detailed, front-line research.

We encourage join us for a discussion of our “2011 Global Applications & Network Security” report prepared by Radware’s Emergency Response Team. This ground-breaking report provides an insightful, thought-