The Cyber Threat Alliance – Stopping Attackers in their Tracks

April 16, 2018 — by Jack Sorci0


When you think about the future of threat intelligence, we can all agree that threats morph, constantly. Sophisticated new botnets, the increase in DDoS-as-a-Service tools, and the rise in cryptocurrency are creating an unpredictable environment where even novice attackers can demand ransoms, carry out attacks, and rent IoT botnets. Known attack types also rise and fall in popularity, as demonstrated by recent attacks such as Memcached. “What’s old is new again,” but with a twist of a new vector or motive. This provides one of the biggest challenges for those of us in the cyber-security community. How do we make sure that we are identifying and mitigating attacks quickly, protecting our customers and the organizations they serve with minimal business impact?


Can Security Be Efficient Without Expertise or Intelligence?

April 12, 2018 — by Ben Zilberman0


Threats evolve fast, don’t lag behind!

I recently returned from a business trip to an exotic destination, which is also a massive emerging market depending on how you look at it. The folks I’ve met do not seem to face other challenges than what you see in mature markets, but I could easily relate to the sheer interest of people to learn and adapt and act quickly. They were keen to get knowledge and use it, knowing that without it they may stay behind.


In today’s threat landscape, if you aren’t able to react quickly enough, you will suffer.

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Ransom, Ransom Everywhere

May 4, 2016 — by Daniel Smith1


DDoS for Ransom is a growing concern. In the past year, we have witnessed an exponential increase in the number of ransom threats companies have received from hackers. A few groups emerged at the forefront of this trend: DD4BC, Armada Collective, and allegedly Lizard Squad.

Back in November 2015 Radware got up close and personal with DDoS extortionist Armada Collective when we helped mitigate an attack against ProtonMail. The Armada Collective threatens companies with a Denial of Service attack if they do not pay their ransom in Bitcoin within a certain time frame. Along with the note, Armada Collective launches sample attacks against their victim’s network in demonstration of their power.