Join me June 13th on Facebook to talk about privacy.

On June 13th, I’ll be back in the U.S. and will be going live on Facebook to talk about privacy, including some crucial questions to ask your healthcare providers, banks, and others to make sure your data is protected. Make sure to follow the Radware Facebook page for more updates. I look forward to answering your questions and chatting with you then.

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Aviation Accidents: Many Risks Move from Mechanical Failures to Terrorism. Are Cyber-Attacks Next?

EgyptAir’s 20 Year Terror History:

Some quick thoughts on the most recent loss of EgyptAir’s flight 804 and how persistent terror has been one of the leading causes of accidents in this airlines history. The main questions to be asked as we move forward are as follows:

– If physical terror has played such a major role in aviation accidents, can cybersecurity sabotage be far behind?

– What controls / testing are done to ensure the ongoing operations of jets that rely increasingly on computers are safe and sound?

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The Rise of Smartphone BotNets

Smartphone botnets have become increasingly popular over the last few years. Android software is highly vulnerable to malware and is constantly targeted by attackers due to the OS’s popularity around the world. Often times the malware is installed on the device via malicious apps found in the Google play store, 3rd party app stores, malicious emails or drive by downloads while browsing from your device.

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Is Your Data Secure From Hackers?

Many of us are familiar with Secure Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTPS) that uses a cryptographic protocol commonly referred to as Transport Layer Security (TLS) to secure our communication on the Internet. The benefit of securing our communication is obvious; however, the encrypted communication does have its downside.

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DevOps and Security: Yes We Can

Airlines, retailers, travel service providers, banks, marketplaces, and social media – all rely on their web applications to generate revenues or facilitate productivity. They typically develop and maintain their own web applications which are tailored for their business needs. To support the growing needs of their online presence, they are adopting agile development practices also known as DevOps and Continuous Deployment.

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Why Cloud-based and ISP-based Scrubbing Alone Are Inadequate.

On occasion, the topic of DDoS defense has come up and invariably goes to, “Why can’t organizations rely on ISP and cloud scrubbing services to protect themselves from DDoS attacks?” The conversation also rolls over to, “Why can’t organizations rely on on-premises solutions to protect themselves from DDoS attacks?” The latter is usually asked by someone who is a novice in the field, but both are valid questions. The true answer lies with a combination defense or, to coin a common security phrase, “defense-in-depth.”

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