DDoS-For-Hire: A Full Blown Market

DDoS-for-hire has been around for a while.  Until recently, “booters” were known as paid online services used by gamers to initiate DDoS attacks against their opponents to gain a competitive advantage.

Now, DDoS attacks can be launched by anybody with a credit card and a motive. No longer exclusive to gamers and hackers, a competitive DDoS-for-hire market has expanded nearly to the point of commoditization.

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What Do You Know About DDoS Attacks? Here’s The Ultimate Guide

Every good hero needs a trusty guide.

Sherlock Holmes had his Watson. Bruce Wayne had Alfred. Captain Kirk? He had Spock. Today’s information security professionals are no different. They work in the trenches to protect networks and applications and they are the modern day heroes of our digital lives. And thus, a guide for keeping up with the fast evolving cyber-threat landscape is valuable when supporting combat.

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5 Reasons Why Virtual Machine Security Could Become a Larger Threat

The recent Venom Vulnerability has been open since 2004. The ShellShock Vulnerability released last year was open for 25 years! What is happening now that is causing us to just get around to finding out about these flaws?

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Radware and Cisco Sign OEM Agreement As DDoS Mitigation Becomes a SP Imperative

DDoS attacks are no longer just a nuisance and they can cause lasting damage.  Organizations that ignore this threat often learn the high costs involved in the damage from these attacks – ranging from mild service degradation and to extended service outage. According to Aberdeen Group research, the cost of a one second delay in website load time can translate to a 7% reduction in conversion rate and up to $2.5 million in losses per year.  The cost of outage?  That can reach nearly half a million dollars per hour.

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Microsoft TMG EOL Got You Down? Here are Options for Replacements

David Monahan is Research Director for Enterprise Management Associates (EMA) and is a featured guest blogger.

I was recently briefing with a customer when a question was raised about Microsoft Forefront Threat Management Gateway (TMG) and its end of life. The question was what would be my recommendations for replacing it. My first glib thought was “quickly” but I bit my tongue and went on with a better formed recommendation along the same lines.

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R.I.P. to IP Address Based Security

It could have been anyone. The scene of the 1902 Paris murder of Joseph Reibel held little in the way of clues, no signs of robbery and no witnesses to speak of.  There was however, one piece of physical evidence observed by an innovative criminologist named Alphonse Bertillon. A fingerprint left on a broken plane of glass. At that time, few criminologists would have even noticed such a thing, much less considered it a tool in identifying suspects.

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