New Research on Cyber-Attack Trends: Radware 2014-2015 Global Application & Network Security Report

The frenetic pace of network security threats leads businesses of all size, and managers at all levels, struggling to understand risk.

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Read this List and Check it Twice — How to Protect Your Retail Business From Cyber-Attacks This Shopping Season

As consumers are getting their shopping lists ready for the biggest shopping days of the year, businesses should get ready as well.  Cyber-attacks, and most notably DDoS attacks, are more likely to occur on high traffic days – in fact, according to a 2013 eCommerce Cyber Crime Report conducted by the Ponemon Institute, 64% of respondents say "their organizations have seen an increase in Internet fraud and/or website attacks on high traffic days such as Cyber Monday." 

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‘The Art of Cyber War’ at Black Hat 2014 in Sao Paulo

This week I’ll be attending the Black Hat Conference in Sao Paulo (… my first time in Brazil and I’m really looking forward to it!) and I was given the exciting opportunity to discuss some of the latest cyber-crime trends that we’ve seen at Radware.

Cyber-attacks have become so prevalent that nearly every online business, financial service, government agency, or critical infrastructure is a likely target.  In fact, a case can be made that cyber-attacks are not just a powerful option for perpetrators, but they have risen to become a desirable weapon in their caches.

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The Rise of Thingbots

David Monahan is Research Director for Enterprise Management Associates (EMA) and is a featured guest blogger.

The Internet can be a pretty scary place. Places like the dark web exist in the form of trading houses with stolen personal information from credit cards and social security numbers, to health records and full identities being obtained for a price. Malware development and deployment and other attack services such as DDoS and botnets can be rented by the hour. Recent reports indicate that DDoS attacks are increasing in both frequency and size, and the problem of botnets being used as attack networks or launch points in DDoS and other malicious activities is significant. Indications are that it will only continue to get worse.

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The “Easy Button” for Cyber-Attack Mitigation: Introducing Radware’s Attack Mitigation Service

Advancements are continually being made to defend organizations from cyber-attacks. I wanted to take some time to share some powerful reminders of how diligence in approach is needed.

Organizations that used to rely on their service provider’s DDoS protection service (in-the-cloud) found that the attacks that hit their business could and would bypass the provider’s protection layer.  This is because DDoS is a tactic, not the overall problem.  Attacks borne from the Internet are the problem and solutions designed to handle a simple tactic, wind up falling short.

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DDoS 2.0: Hackers Getting a Taste of their Own Medicine

Cybercrime and hacktivism are on the rise and commercial and governmental organizations are common attack targets.  But, based on recent evidence, an increasing number of cyber-attack targets are other attackers.  That’s right – attackers attacking other attackers.

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