Why Your Firewall Could Fail During a DDoS Attack

Can Your Firewall and IPS Block DDoS Attacks?  This question is something we hear often at Radware.  The concern surrounds the uncertainty that stateful devices (firewalls, IDS/IPS, and load balancers) could become the fault point in a network when it is under attack.  According to our research of different attacks analyzed over the last year, approximately one third of the failures in attacks were attributed to stateful devices being placed in front of a web-facing resource.  In other words, the devices that we deploy in the datacenter to maintain our uptime are sometimes the specific reason that networks fail when they come under attack.

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Misconceptions about Hybrid DDoS Protection: It’s Costly and Complicated.

A common misconception that we see a lot in the marketplace is that hybrid DDoS protection, a combination of on premise and cloud-based protection, is prohibitively expensive and difficult to manage.

That’s simply not the case. 

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How to Evaluate a Vendor for DDoS & Cyber-Attack Protection

In my last blog we discussed if low cost “always-on” DDoS protection can keep you safe. We started to outline the key requirements for a DDoS vendor and now I’d like to continue this point.

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How OnlineTech Stayed Ahead of the Cyber-Threat Curve

I live relatively close to Ashburn, Virginia, which you may know is a major exchange point for the Internet. Our area has gone through phases of development over the past 15-20 years that I’ve lived in there, starting with an explosion of residential development (which we can thank in large part for our notoriously bad traffic). But more recently I’ve noticed a shift in the development and construction within the region. Rarely does a week pass now where I don’t notice a new area being cleared for significant construction.

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DDoS Attack Myth: Larger Cyber-Attacks Do More Damage

“I just want to know that I’m safe from these 100Gbps plus attacks.”

These are the words heard (or at least the sentiment expressed) over and over for those of us helping defend the front lines from Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks. What may come as a surprise is that for some service providers in the space, this perspective causes more concern than glee. Sure, it is fair to say it’s not all bad to encounter prospects with this level of urgency. But the reality is that statements like this are a sign pointing to a long educational process for the buyer more so than a quick sale and long-term happy customer.

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Got Mail? Secure Email Services under Attack around the World

It’s been a busy few days here at Radware. 

Our Emergency Response Team (ERT) has been closely monitoring a series of DDoS-for-Ransom attack campaigns that have targeted email service providers.  These attacks are unique for several reasons, besides their strength and complexity. They came from multiple sources including a new group, The Armada Collective, and the attackers sent their targets threatening emails demanding ransom or else a prolonged attack would be launched.

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