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HTTP/2 Is Ready, But Are You Ready for It?

Shamus McGillicuddy is a Senior Analyst for EMA and is a featured guest blogger. The Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) published HTTP Version 2 (HTTP/2)...

Do You Still Need Optimization After Migrating to HTTP/2?

There’s a lot of talk about HTTP/2. Why? Possibly because it promises to help alleviate some of the bottlenecks that come along with the...

Why Are Online Retailers Leaving Millions Of Dollars On The Table?

Online retailers are leaving millions of dollars – yes, millions – on the table.  Why is this? In the hyper-competitive world of online commerce sites,...

HTTP/2 Will Break Your Security – Here’s How to Fix it

Now that HTTP/2 is here and widely adopted by client browsers, many of the performance challenges that existed with HTTP1.1 are finally...

REPORT: State of the Union for Ecommerce Page Speed & Web Performance (Summer 2015)

In the hyper-accelerated world of technology, the modern consumer is bombarded with near-daily news of technological breakthroughs, OS updates, device refreshes and breakneck broadband...

The Internet has Upgraded to HTTP/2, but One Key Feature will Slow You Down

Imagine a world where smartphones were only upgraded every 15 years.  It is hard to imagine waiting that long for new hardware and new...

A Gateway to the New Internet: What to Know about HTTP/2 (And How to Use it Now)

Since HTTP 1.1 was introduced 17 years ago, the Internet has evolved.  This evolution introduced many changes, among them the development and delivery of...

Image Optimization: 10 Do’s & Don’ts for a Better User Experience

As website owners and designers, we want to provide the best user experience to our clients. This often involves massive graphical design with an...

11 Stats Showing Why You Should Care about Mobile Web Performance

A recent survey of 2300 CIOs from twenty-three different cities in the US found that one out of four have no mobile strategy. While there are many understandable reasons for this -- budget restrictions, lack of ownership, and simple inertia -- these reasons pale beside the potential losses incurred by not taking advantage of the wealth of opportunities that mobile presents. Today, I'd like to share a roundup of compelling reasons to make mobile a priority in 2015.

Want to Deliver the Best Possible User Experience in 2015? Consider These 8 Web Performance Resolutions.

In survey after survey, internet users say they want their online experience to be as safe, reliable, and fast as possible. That's why security, availability, and performance are at the core of everything we do at Radware. And that's why we've compiled this list of resolutions -- from managing page bloat to regaining control of rogue third-party scripts -- for site owners who want to deliver the fastest possible user experience to their audience.

Your Six Favorite Posts of 2014

During the past 12 months, we’ve worked to provide more than application delivery and security solutions.  Our goal was (and is)...

Every Day Is Cyber Monday. Is Your Site Delivering the Best Possible User Experience?

With the allure of Black Friday weekend fading, online retailers are discovering that every day is Cyber Monday. Online shoppers expect deep discounts, free...

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