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A Healthy Bot Management Strategy

The quality of bot detection determines the quality of the solution. And as bots become ever more sophisticated, detection becomes ever more challenging.

Why In-House Bot Management Solutions Are Unreliable

In-house bot management solutions struggle to understand distinctive user behavior, and result in false positives and negatives.

Gaming Companies Beware: Cyber Criminals Are Coming For You, Too

Cyber criminals aren't just targeting gamers, they're also targeting the gaming industry and those that support it at high volumes for profit.

Empowering the Infosec Community

Despite the technological advancements, innovation, and experience the knights of the cyber order have acquired over the past 25 years or so, the "bad guys" are still a step ahead. Why? In large part, because of the power of community.

How Bots Use APIs to Infiltrate the Online World

APIs can be highly vulnerable, making them frequent attack targets. And they play a major role and fuel major risks when it comes to bot management.

Past GDPR Predictions: Have They Come To Fruition?

In July 2017, I wrote about GDPR and HITEC and asked if the past could predict the future.

Meet the Four Generations of Bots

With the escalating race between bot developers and security experts -- along with the increasing use of Javascript and HTML5 web technologies -- bots have evolved significantly from their origins as simple scripting tools that used command line interfaces.

5 Steps to Prepare for a DDoS Attack

It’s inevitable almost as death and taxes: somewhere, at some point, you will come under a DDoS attack.

5 Simple Bot Management Techniques

When it comes to detection and mitigation, security and medical treatment have more in common than you may think. Both require careful evaluation of the risks, trade-offs and implications of false positives and false negatives.

A Buyer’s Guide to Bot Management

Web-based bots are a critical part of your business’s digital presence.

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Application Security in the Microservices Era

As organizations break their applications down into microservices, the responsibility for securing these environments is shifting as well.

Navigating the Bot Ecosystem

Bots touch virtually every part of our digital lives -- and now account for over half of all web traffic.

A Buyer’s Guide to Bot Management

Web-based bots are a critical part of your business’s digital presence.

How Hard Is It to Build a Botnet?

While working on Radware’s Ultimate Guide to Bot Management, I began wondering what would it take to build a botnet.

The Evolution of Application Development

Delivering and securing containers and microservices is relatively new. Though there may be a few hiccups, all will normalize to a strong, steady state.