Alteon 5224: Future-Proof ADC that Makes it a Breeze


If you’re part of the IT/network infrastructure industry or, even better, if you own an application or a line of business (LOB), you surely know that the data center has some well known requirements including application availability, performance and security.  These can be addressed using an Application Delivery Controllers (ADC) or, simply put, a load balancer.  While Radware is not the only ADC vendor out there, it does provide one of the finest ADCs and definitely the most future-proof ADC on the market: The Alteon 5224.

Just take a closer look in today’s modern data center’s emerging challenges, and you’ll clearly see that today’s businesses depend on agile and efficient data center operations that needs to dynamically scale as the business and applications expand. To be more precise, enterprise data centers need to scale flexibly in a cost-effective manner, ensure connectivity to current and next generation switching infrastructure, provide guaranteed reliability, be able to handle rapid growth and spikes in network traffic and be capable of harnessing the benefits of virtualized resources and ecosystems. And, of course, it goes without saying that all of these requirements must be satisfied while reducing both capital and operational expense.

Radware’s Alteon 5224 is an advanced ADC specifically targeted to address all of these challenges; the very latest in next generation application delivery technology with benchmark affordability. It delivers a complete set of layer 24-7 services to ensure the availability, performance and security of mission-critical applications in the physical and virtual data center. And it provides much more, like:

  1. Unmatched OnDemand Scalability with up to 16Gbps of throughput  – By leveraging Radware’s “On-Demand” approach, the Alteon 5224 allows users to add additional capacity, features – and even additional virtual ADC instances – with simple license upgrades that require no system downtime or service interruption. The solution cost-effectively addresses business growth and customer demand while optimizing return-on-investment minimizing the cost of technology ownership.
  2. Best performing ADC platform in its class – When you talk about ADC you talk about performance, since the ADC naturally needs to continuously deal with very high levels of traffic load.  An examination of the performance specifications clearly shows that Alteon 5224 dramatically exhibits superior price/performance compared to any other ADC in its class; it outperforms all competing products in terms of all performance metrics: 8x more layer 4 CPS, 20x more layer 7 TPS, 3x more concurrent connections, 7x more SSL CPS (using 1024 bit keys) and 11x more SSL CPS (using 2048 bit keys).
  3. The only enterprise grade ADC with 10GE ports – The Alteon 5224 offers a unique feature not found on any other 4Gbps ADC on the market: 10GE SFP+ ports. Connection to existing 1GE-interface switches as well as to next-generation 10GE-interface switches is straightforward. So as core switching fabric is refreshed over the next few years, the Alteon 5224 will continue to play well with its neighbors. With built-in 10GE connectivity, your Alteon 5224 investment is protected.
  4. The only ADC virtualization solution for any enterprise size – Radware’s revolutionary ADC-VX™ technology is built-in.  Meaning that Alteon 5224 is capable of supporting multiple virtual ADCs on each physical device – each effectively equivalent in capabilities to a physical device. Hence, the Alteon 5224 enables to fully benefit from ADC virtualization when needed. And it’s the only ADC platform on the market under 8Gbps that supports virtualization, affordable for any enterprise size.

The combination of these advantages – including on demand scalability, performance leadership, 10GE connectivity and ADC virtualization – allows supporting new applications, more users and increased traffic without buying additional ADC units.  Instead, you simply leverage the Alteon 5224’s capabilities to support future demand via its on demand license upgrade – making it the leading future-proof ADC solution!


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