Cyber Monday Is Coming. Do You Know How Fast Your Website Is? [INFOGRAPHIC]


At this time of year, everyone likes to toss around impressive-sounding numbers about holiday shopping. Here are the numbers that have most impressed me:

  • US ecommerce spending is expected to grow by 16.6% this holiday season — from $62 billion in 2013 to $72 billion this year. [source]
  • Cyber Monday will be record day for online sales — expected to hit $2.6 billion. To compare, online sales are expected to hit $1.35 billion on Thanksgiving and $2.48 billion on Black Friday. [source]
  • Thanksgiving will be the most mobile shopping day of the year. 31% of online sales will be made via a tablet or smartphone — an almost 50% increase over Thanksgiving 2013, which saw 21%of sales come from mobile devices. [source]
  • 51% of consumers say they’ll spend 40% or more of their holiday budget online. [source]
  • Nearly 30 percent of consumers say they expect to spend more than half of their total holiday shopping budget in the coming four-day weekend. [source]

Competition for all this holiday spending will be greater than ever, as more and more retailers fight for their share of the holiday ecommerce pie. Delivering the fastest, most reliable, most secure online experience is a crucial battle tactic.

To help retailers consider the role of web performance, we created this set of infographics to accompany our latest quarterly research into the web performance of the top 100 ecommerce sites. As always, please feel free to download and share.

INFOGRAPHIC: Cyber Monday 2014 and Web Performance

Get the report: State of the Union: Ecommerce Page Speed & Web Performance [Fall 2014]


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