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Eden Amitai

Eden Amitai is a product marketing manager in Radware's security team. In his role, Eden is in charge of the company's line of DefensePro and DefenseFlow, Radware's on-prem DDoS Attack Mitigation Solutions. Eden works closely with Radware's white-hackers and cyber-experts to answer the needs of organizations and service providers in today's cyber-threat landscape. Eden has a diverse range of experience from both large enterprises and small firms, and deep knowledge in the cyber-security space. Before joining Radware, Eden spent a couple of years as the CMO of ACC, an Israeli startup. Prior the that, Eden worked at Intel's CHD product marketing department and as a product marketing manager at Xpandion, a cyber-security firm. Eden served in the IDF at an elite intelligence unit, and he holds a B.Sc. in Computer Science from the Interdisciplinary Center (IDC) Herzliya.

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