Joshua Bixby

Like most tech troublemakers, Joshua’s a problem-solver who likes to explore new ideas and play devil’s advocate (not necessarily in that order). In 2006, he co-founded Strangeloop Networks, a pioneer in the website acceleration space. In early 2013, Strangeloop was acquired by Radware, where Joshua now serves as VP Application Acceleration. While his title and bosses have both changed, Joshua’s passion for performance remains the same. He continues to be a huge advocate for performance, both in-house and out in the world at large. He uses this space to explore the issues around optimization and to analyze the impact of website speed on user behaviour. Joshua also hosts a weekly podcast, where he interviews the smartest, most interesting folks who are out there creating change in this community.

Latency: 4 Ways You Can Fight Back and Accelerate Your Applications

Most people have a rough idea that latency has something to do with the delay in moving content from the host server to the user, but when pressed, they struggle with explaining the real-world implications of latency on application performance. In this post, I'm going to explain what latency is, its impact on page load, and how we can fight back.

“Web Stress”: Understanding Our Need for Speed [INFOGRAPHIC]

Why exactly do we crave a faster online experience? Is this craving learned or acquired? And to what degree, if any, can it be overcome?