Juan Jose Navarro

Juan José Navarro is a Technical Account Manager for Radware in the Iberia region (Portugal, Spain & Andorra). In his more than 15 years of experience in the world of cybersecurity, “Juanjo” Navarro has worked in large projects and for various industries, such as defense, government and the financial industry. Prior to joining Radware, Juanjo has worked in important companies in the computer security industry such as Arrow and S21. He has also extensive experience as a trainer and evangelist of security solutions.

How to Predict the Future in the Palm Lines of the Web

Most of the attacks carried out during March 2020 used the UDP traffic protocol (71%), camouflaged within the avalanche generated by the lockdown.

Cloud Party 2019, a Celebration You Won’t Want to Miss

By 2021 only 50% of the current physical infrastructures will remain, while the other 50% will be divided equally between the private and public cloud.