Radware Vulnerability Research Team

VRT is a vulnerability research team which discovers, analyses and addresses malicious activities, vulnerabilities and exploits. The team is comprised of senior security researchers with over a decade in cyber security field experience, including web application, DDoS, botnet, malware and exploits developing. The primary focus of the team is developing rules for Radware DefensePro and Radware AppWall by investigating new hacking activities, vulnerabilities and exploits. The team analyzes various DDoS attacks and developing rules against them. This post was authored by the VRT's Shai Levi and Namik Binyaminov.

The Top Web Service Exploits in 2020

Here are 2020’s most prevalent exploits targeting web services leveraged in large scale attacks or reconnaissance campaigns.

Top 10 Web Service Exploits in 2019

Attackers never stop their expansion efforts to scan and exploit known vulnerabilities.