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Securing applications in the multi-cloud: Where should organizations start?

The cloud represents a gamechanger in the way businesses access and use technology, but it’s also brought with it major implementation challenges....

Threat Researchers Live: Ep 19

Pascal Geenens and Daniel Smith discuss recent and notable security events like the Russian/Ukrainian cyber conflict.

How to Keep APIs Secure from Bot Cyberattacks

Application programming interfaces (APIs) have emerged as the bridge to facilitate communication between different application architectures.

Top Things to Look for in DDoS Protection

The shift to the public cloud has resulted in applications being exposed to a larger attack surface and an expanding array of vulnerabilities.

7 Things to Look for in a Cloud Security Service

The accelerated change of both web-assets and attack vectors renders static web security solutions obsolete. Security teams need a solution that meets the distinctive needs of their networks and applications while automatically adapting to changing environments and new threats and minimizing human

Radware named the bot management leader in Quadrant Knowledge Solutions’ Spark Matrix™  

For the second year in a row Radware has been named the technology leader in Quadrant Knowledge Solutions’ SPARK Matrix™: Bot Management 2021.

Radware Wins Two Cybersecurity Excellence Awards

Radware is happy to announce winning two Cybersecurity Excellence Awards this year. We took home the Silver for our Application Protection as a Service and Gold for our Cloud Native Protector.

Cyber Attacks and Threats Amidst the Russian Invasion of Ukraine

Radware shares insights based on public information regarding threats and attacks surrounding the Kremlin’s special military action against Ukraine.

Bot Manager vs. WAF: Why You Actually Need Both

Over 50% of web traffic is comprised of bots, and 89% of organizations have suffered attacks against web applications. Websites and mobile...

Security Challenges for Businesses in 2022

See which challenges should be top of mind for keeping businesses online and growing in the coming months and years.