Richard Arneson

Richard Arneson is a 30-year marketing and sales professional in the high tech and telecom sectors. For the past decade, Richard has focused on his passion - creating engaging, informative and entertaining written content about the wondrous, amazing world of technology.

3 Things to Consider When Selecting a Bot Manager

A bot manager needs to do more than simply eradicate bots that come into contact with networks and employees. A level of discernment is required; remember, not all bots are bad. But it’s imperative to stop the bad, malicious bots in their tracks. Consider the following when selecting a bot manager.

How Low-Code/No-Code App Development Affects IT Security

While low-code and no-code application development is a couple decades old, the train truly left the station just a few years ago. It has been gaining considerable steam ever since. So popular and prevalent is low-code/no-code that several studies estimate that by 2025 it will be responsible for two-thirds of all applications developed.

The LinkedIn Data Scraping Verdict — and Its Reversal

In October of last year, a ruling against LinkedIn by The United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth District in San...

What is the W4SP Information Stealer?

Since mid-October, W4SP malware is attacking software supply chains; in this case, it's using Python packages to launch an information stealer.

2023 IT Security Predictions From Professionals Who Live It Every Day

To beat the prediction rush, Radware reached out to several of our customers to find out what they think 2023 will bring to light in the world of cybersecurity.

The Birth of Cybersecurity

Now that we’re more than a week into October, it’s time to celebrate the birthday—well, birth month—of Cybersecurity Awareness Month. The goal...