Congratulations to Radware’s Attack Mitigation Black Belt Challenge Champion


I wanted to thank everyone who participated in our recent Attack Mitigation Black Belt Challenge which was an enormous success. Out of the 383 participants that started the Challenge, slightly less than 10 percent had the required security expertise needed to complete four levels to achieve Black Belt status.

Those who made it to the higher levels should be proud. Participants had 90 seconds to answer each question, and a minimum of nine correct answers was required to pass each round. Only the players passing all five rounds achieved Black Belt status qualified to win the Challenge.

So congratulations to Domenico Martini from Milan, Italy who was announced as the Attack Mitigation Black Belt Challenge Champion at the Radware booth at Black Hat 2012. Domenico diligently fought off numerous challengers and will receive a package that includes $1,495 towards early conference registration to Black Hat 2013, plus $2,000 towards conference training and $1,500 cash allowance towards travel and accommodation. Please join us in congratulating Domenico!

I want to personally thank everyone who participated –it has been very educational for me and I hope everyone who participated also learned a lot.
Hope to see you next year at Black Hat 2013 In the meantime, feel free to drop me a note on my blog.


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