Results Rely on Security Confidence


Too often we hear about the success of attackers in today’s cyber threat landscape, those who claim leadership in the ongoing information security war.  But history proves that the successes of those standing guard are rarely publicized.  And in this continuous battle of data protection, we are certain; more attacks are blocked by intelligent solutions than ever before. 

As cyber threats continue, our networking teams are often drug into time consuming and complex battles that force reflection given the enormous stress that accompanies them.  As our community of cyber security experts grow and lead the industry with tool development, procedural models have been produced that are valuable enough to share, filling important gaps faced by global security and network staffs.   

For instance, in Radware’s most recent Global Application and Network Security Report there is clear evidence that duration of attack campaigns have become longer, often continuous and more expensive.  Attacks include legitimate traffic patterns with numerous vectors, all increasing an attackers ability to compromise targets given the complexity in identifying low volume threats in complex traffic blends.  This increased sophistication of campaigns requires attention from experienced resources.  And while experienced resources are rare, the ability to have adaptive technology capable of identifying and blocking unknown threats in real-time has become mandatory to maintain forward progress in day to day tasks.


We are working diligently to prepare partners and customers by improving their security posture. Through the development of process and escalation procedures, we work to replace the fear of the unknown with the tools and support to inspire confidence.  A well-defined escalation plan encompasses tools, people, procedures and partners and helps our customers to no longer face risks alone. 

A “can do” model avoids victimization and we are successfully characterizing emerging threats which is allowing us to contain and remove them entirely.  The confidence this provides has a direct impact on cost associated with minimizing the burden to build, employ and maintain a holistic solution unattainable for most.  Our goal is to help everyone and growth lays in the productive realization of innovation, regardless the path we follow.  Feel good about asking for help, improving your preparedness and your end result. 

Please visit us at Cisco Live this week in Milan at Booth E60 and allow us to help re-establish confidence in your security.

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Travis Volk is the Technical Vice President of Global Business Development and Carrier Sales for Radware. Before joining our team in 2004, he served as a lead architect at AT&T for companies like Washington Mutual Bank, General Motors, American Express, Siemens and Sun Microsystems. An award-winning architect and thought leader, Travis has been architecting and deploying global systems with advanced services for the last fifteen years. He has been directly involved in first to market campaigns for VOD, IP Advertising, Social Media, IMS, CDNs, Cloud Services, LTE, SDN, NFV for the largest Service Providers globally. Working collaborative designs with customers and partners, Travis has been leading the process to develop, harden, and commercialize next-generation services and products ranging from virtualized core applications (Cloud Data Center) to personalized gateway services (Mobile Edge). Travis has expertise in both Wireline and Wireless systems for end-to-end content and application delivery, performance and security.


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