Radware: A 4x WAF Leader According to KuppingerCole


What does it take to be a leader in application security?

Cybersecurity analyst firm KuppingerCole addressed this exact question in their newly released Leadership Compass for Web Application Firewalls (WAF) 2022.

Their answer: it takes more than being a one-trick pony.

In their detailed report, KuppingerCole demonstrates to be a market leader you have to be a leader across multiple subdimensions of product capabilities, technological innovation, and market leadership.

The Radware team is proud to announce we have been recognized by KuppingerCole not only as an overall leader in the WAF market, but as a leader in each of the individual analysis dimensions.

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KuppingerCole’s WAF Leadership Dimensions

To discern the overall market leaders, KuppingerCole broke-down their analysis into three sub-dimensions of leadership:

  • Product leadership: Examining current capabilities of WAF products and services
  • Leadership in innovation: Examining the ability to introduce innovations to protect against the next waves of application attacks
  • Market leadership: Evaluating overall impact and presence in the market

These dimensions represent the different facets of security capabilities: current capabilities (manifested in product features), future-proofing application security (innovation in protecting against the next iteration of web attacks), and impact on the market (market presence and customer base).

In each of these dimensions, Radware is a leader.

Radware’s Product Leadership

The first dimension that KuppingerCole examined is Product (or Service) Leadership, which evaluates the functional strength and completeness of the product features.

This dimension analyzes both the security capabilities of the product such as application protections, breadth of protection against different attacks, protection against API vulnerabilities, etc. It also evaluates management and deployment capabilities, including granular management dashboard, multiple deployment models, DevOps, etc.

KuppingerCole ranked Radware as a Product Leader, noting its combination of both ‘positive’ and ‘negative’ security models (combining security rules based on automated machine learning, as well as pre-defined, manual signatures), strong DDoS protection, innovative bot management capabilities, and automated API protection and API discovery capabilities.

Additionally, KuppingerCole recognized Radware’s powerful management capabilities, with our security policy automation and optimization, granular centralized WAF management, and multiple deployment models, to suit any customer architecture.

Finally, KuppingerCole awarded Radware a 5-star rating on Security, Functionality, Deployment, and Usability.

Innovation Leadership

The next dimension KuppingerCole examined is leadership in innovation. Innovation is a key capability in application security because of the constantly changing nature of the threat landscape. As application threats become bigger, more complex and more widespread, application security solutions must also constantly add new capabilities to match those new threats.

Radware is an innovation leader in the application security market. Our WAF products (and other security services) rely on a ‘positive’ security model, based on sophisticated machine-learning and artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms. These advanced algorithms analyze customer traffic to establish a baseline of legitimate user activity, and then automatically block any requests which deviate from expected legitimate user behavior. It is in this area where Radware is leading the way in terms of innovation in the market, automating the process of application security and reducing false positives.

Among the new arenas where Radware has been leading the market is in API protection. Radware provides not only API protection and enforcement, but also automatic API discovery of undocumented (or partially documented) APIs.

In addition, Radware recently launched the Radware SecurePath architecture, which is a new, innovative API-based out-of-path deployment option for Radware’s application security suite. Unlike the traditional ‘inline’ WAF deployment models, the Radware SecurePath architecture takes an out-of-path approach. It does not require any changes to DNS routing, adding any other traffic hops, or adding a point of inline inspection.

This is particularly useful in multi-cloud and hybrid-cloud environments, enabling organizations to guarantee high grade, consistent, and uniform application security, regardless of where the application is deployed.

As Radware continues to innovate, our customers can be confident that they are covered against emerging threats and market trends.

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Market Leadership

The final dimension in KuppingerCole’s analysis is market leadership.

A company’s revenue and customer base do not necessarily reflect its quality of security. But these factors are indicative of its influence on the market as a whole, and whether the innovations it introduces will have an impact on the marketplace. In addition, KuppingerCole assessed a company’s global reach and how much of an impact it has on the industry at large.

Here, too, Radware was ranked by KuppingerCole as a market leader considering our sizable customer base in North America, EMEA, and APAC, and our growing presence in Latin America. Moreover, KuppingerCole noted the strength of our partner program and our ability to serve customers of all sizes and all geographies.

A Leader Across the Board

KuppingerCole’s in-depth report provides a glimpse of what it takes to be a market leader in application security in today’s modern threat landscape.

As KuppingerCole notes, it is not enough to just have good current capabilities, strong future-looking innovation, or a significant customer base. Rather, a leading WAF vendor must demonstrate all these qualities concurrently, so that it can protect its customers in the present and future-proof them against emerging threats, as well as have a meaningful impact across the industry.

Radware is proud to be recognized by KuppingerCole as both an overall market leader and a leader in each of the sub-dimensions. In our view, this recognition validates our commitment to our customers, who put the safety of their web applications and sensitive customer data in our hands.

Read KuppingerCole’s full report to learn what makes Radware an overall market leader and a leader in each category.

Click here to get your copy of the report.

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Eyal is a Product Marketing Manager in Radware’s security group, responsible for the company’s line of cloud security products, including Cloud WAF, Cloud DDoS, and Cloud Workload Protection Service. Eyal has extensive background in security, having served in the Israel Defense Force (IDF) at an elite technological unit. Prior to joining Radware, Eyal worked in Product Management and Marketing roles at a number of companies in the enterprise computing and security space, both on the small scale startup side, as well as large-scale corporate end, affording him a wide view of the industry. Eyal holds a BA in Management from the Interdisciplinary Center (IDC) Herzliya and a MBA from the UCLA Anderson School of Management.


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