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Are you ready for your Green Belt in Attack Mitigation?

July 2, 2012 — by Carl Herberger0

Knowledge Test Overview

Wow! The Attack Mitigation Black Belt Challenge is only two weeks old and already we have dueling leaders and intense competition.

People from all over the world are participating in Radware’s first Attack Mitigation Black Belt Challenge and only seven seconds separates the current leader, “dh”, from the fifth place position. It is apparent that some questions were stumbling blocks as we had two questions in the Yellow Belt round that only 10% of the participants could answer properly.

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Why Bother to Demonstrate in the Streets When You Can Simply Launch a Cyber-Attack on a Government Website

May 7, 2012 — by Ronen Kenig0

Not in favor of the new law that was just passed, immigration policies too racist, the Catholic Church too corrupt, it is possible or organize a demonstration or take the fastest, easiest and most effective way and launch a virtual attack on the offensive website. Take down the parliament portal to protest unfair laws or policies, shut down the local police’s website or the website of any offensive organization. Hacktivists have been very effective launching attacks on government websites and their motivation increases with each successful attack.

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Operation Blackout Fails To Knockout!

April 2, 2012 — by Carl Herberger2

March 2012 – Radware’s ERT Busiest Month Ever

Operation Blackout Status:

If you read the press over the weekend, you would have been led to believe that most of Anon’s request for a virtual army fell on deaf ears. To be certain fewer soldiers materialized, and those who did participate were met with even less meaningful impact on their targets than previous efforts.

However, not all was lost. Of the virtual soldiers who decided to pick up their digital battle-axes, they provided enough energy for notable mayhem at a few of the world’s leading organizations.

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Lesson Learned: ISPs & CDNs aren’t enough for Anti-DDoS

January 18, 2012 — by Carl Herberger6

Well, I suppose that many in the Hacktivist world have resolved that 2012 would be a ‘breakout’ year for them as the level of attack activity is above the record setting year of 2011’s Cyber Attacks! Whether it is the Anonymous Group joining the Occupy Wall Street protesters to launch cyber attacks on major financial institutions in New York, or the Nightmare group, working with the hacker “0xOmar” to escalate their cyber war against Israel, cyber attacks have become the weapon of choice for ‘hacktivists’ seeking to leverage the impact of conflicts and social protests.

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DoS Attack Forensic: Following Sherlock Holmes Footsteps

August 2, 2011 — by Ziv Gadot0

Denial-of-Service (DoS) Attack forensics has several motivations. When under attack, this process is important to identify the attacker and safely distinguish it from legitimate traffic, and in turn to accurately employ various mitigation techniques to block it. After the attack is over, forensic is important for our customers to understand the attack origin, motivation, preparation for a second strike, and as a basis for legal actions. Our research team values forensic as a research tool that improves our understanding of the DoS attack world.