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How Integrating Application Delivery and a Firewall is like Auto Repair

January 12, 2016 — by Frank Yue2


I took my car in for some work a while back. They had to replace a gasket on the engine because it was leaking a bit of oil. When they looked at the problem, they told me that I should replace a few other parts.

This was interesting because the parts were working and not causing any issues. The parts they wanted to replace were reasonably inexpensive, but in order to get to the failing gasket they had to spend a lot of time taking apart the engine. The time and labor to dismantle my engine outweighed the cost of the parts that they recommended replacing. It made sense to do this other work at the same time while they were easy to access. In the long run, this would save me money by not having to take apart the engine later when these components would eventually go bad.


The “State” of DDoS Mitigation Products and Vendors

December 3, 2015 — by Dennis Usle0


DDoS attacks have become a mainstream topic frequently in the news with coverage in major news outlets around the globe from ABC News to ZDNet and most in between.  Attack campaigns by groups like Anonymous, DD4BC, Lizard Squad and Lulzsec have become dinner conversations in many homes and online businesses have been struggling to keep pace with the evolving threat landscape.


Why Your Firewall Could Fail During a DDoS Attack

November 30, 2015 — by Ron Winward1


Can Your Firewall and IPS Block DDoS Attacks?  This question is something we hear often at Radware.  The concern surrounds the uncertainty that stateful devices (firewalls, IDS/IPS, and load balancers) could become the fault point in a network when it is under attack.  According to our research of different attacks analyzed over the last year, approximately one third of the failures in attacks were attributed to stateful devices being placed in front of a web-facing resource.  In other words, the devices that we deploy in the datacenter to maintain our uptime are sometimes the specific reason that networks fail when they come under attack.